My Gold ATM

Maybe you have seen a gold atm before. In Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Las Vegas.
The gold ATM, an invention of Ex-Oriente-Lux AG, now ncb system GmbH in Reutlingen,
is in any case an eye catcher.
Did you ever think about being an operator of a gold ATM by yourself?
In addition to your profits, you also have an advertising item with the Gold ATM in your store.
The Gold ATMs are strongly limited.
Purchasing at the ATM can be done with cash or cashless. Safe, discrete and anonym.

Wide product palette

You decide, which products you want to have placed inside your ATM. Choose them out of the current offer, or make your own individual product for the ATM. Test your products from time to time and estimate the optimal profit.


Usually, the Gold to go® ATMs are placed at locations with high security standards, like in stores with alarm systems, casinos or shopping centers. Use a location, which is discrete and also high frequented.

Current locations (in alphabetical order):
Bretten, Germany

Anonym, discrete and extravagant. The GOLD to go® Gold ATM.

For more information write to: GOLD to go®.
Technical support: TS Hard- und Software Support
Hints for the Gold ATM: GTG Tips

Do you want to get informed quickly about locations with their products and prices? Then download the Android App for Gold ATMs.

GOLD to go, ATM App