Between you (Customer) and Thore Sittly Hard- und Software Support (following named H+S)

As "Hardware" is meant all physical objects such as computer, modules, parts, periphery, cabels.

As "Software" is meant all non physical, storable data auch as applications, games, pictures, sounds and other data files.

Progress of online purchase

The customer accepts a binding purchasing contract, by putting an order by e-mail or the order form, and is 18 years old or older.
Is the customer underaged, or his given information is wrong, the contract is not valid and H+S is not bound of delivery.


For physical products (Replacements, Hardware, CDs, DVDs, incl. guides) there is a return policy within 14 days after receiving the hardware.
Download-Links do not have a return policy nor can you claim a charge back.
Despite all care, it is not excluded that a software might work without problems, and so being useless for the customer. In this case the customer can demand a correction of the software as a no cost update. If there is no more updates for this product, the customer can demand a lower price for the successor of this program.
In some special cases, the customer can demand a charge back, for example if there is no more update or successor of the program, and there is no comparable program.
H+S is not liable for damages which are caused directly or indirectly by the software.
There is 1 year warranty of hardware repair. Within this time limit, H+S has to offer correction at no cost , if the error is the same as before the repair, or it is a subsequent error.
If the customer modifies hardware, which is purchased at H+S or built in by H+S, this warranty is void

Download orders

If the customer orders a product as a download, he will receive a download link within 1 week after receiving of the payment.
This link is valid 6 months from the first click, and can be used 5 times within this time limit.
The download link is not meant for others than the customer, and is not allowed to give it away. The reason for multiple use is for customer security.
In exceptional cases or updates, the link will be reactivated and will be valid for 6 months after the first click again to the same conditions mentioned above.

Use restrictions

The software is used AS IS, and it is not allowed to modify it due to copyright law. Also it is not permitted to transform the code into any other programming language or other form (e.g. disassembling).
Reselling is not permitted. If you want to do so, you need a written permission of H+S.
All products of H+S are for peaceful actions and are not allowed to be used for illegal actions.
The use of the software on multiple machines is allowed, however the spreading to third parties is prohibited.
The customer can make as many security backups as he needs, for personal use only. Spreading these copies to third parties is not allowed.
If a software has special rights (e.g. free software according GPL), the product will be marked correspondingly.


H+S offers repair of your devices within his Hard- and Software Support. In this range we offer repair, maintenance, service, support and consulting for your software, and repair of your hardware.
As hardware repair is meant the replacement of modules (compact parts) within the device, but no soldering or modification on modules.
If the customer wants a data recovery, he will receive his data on a (free) USB memory stick. If the customer wants a data recovery, the customer accepts the fact that the data can be seen by H+S and can be stored temporarily on devices of H+S.
In return, H+S declares written, to handle the data with care and discretion.
If hardware is replaced, the customer decided if he wants to keep the defective or old parts, or if he give them to H+S. Also the customer decides if he wants to order the replacement part, or if H+S should do this by cost of the customer.
A reset or restoration of access to a device is only possible with proper proof of the ownership of the device.

Prices and payment

The given prices are, if not marked different, inclusive taxes. At the moment, only bank transfer in advance is possible for orders.
For repairs and other time based services, the customer will receive an invoice, which he must pay by bank transfer within 14 days after receiving it.
Price changes are possible at any time. If the price is changed before the customer paid the open invoice, his price in his invoice is not affected.


Appointments will be made in text form or verbal.
If an appointment is made, which cannot be established by the customer, he has to cancel or replace it at least 1 hour before the appointment (business customer).

Gold ATMs

The support of Gold ATMs includes the installation and configuration as well as updates for the Gold to go software and the bill readers, and VPN routers. Also it includes the exchange of present hardware modules.
These works will be planned after written orders and done by a specific time for an hourly fee.
Also, set up ATMs will be monitored with a special maintenance contract and/or booked modules, which will be charged every month.

Contact in regular working time

Orders can be done via email or WhatsApp. While the usual working time, contact via phone or voice message is not possible.
Phone calls which lasts more than 30 minutes, will be charged with an hourly fee in a 30 minutes interval.

Working delays

Because of high request frequences there are delays. The working orders will be done one after another in the order they arrive. Emergencies like e.g. defective ATMs with customer will be handled as soon as possible.

Weenends and late times

Working at weekend and working days from 8pm can only be done with a special appointment and will be charged with a special fee for business customers. This is also valid for phone calls within these times.


H+S stores data of the customer to handle his order and payments. These data include name, address, customer number, e-mail address and if given, the telephone number, and the order and payment data.
The website stores cookies and session data, which are mandatory for the website and the order process to work.
There is no storage of the IP with direct hint of the identity of the customer.
If the customer accepts data recovery, he also accents the fact that H+S can see the stored data and save them temporarily on H+S hardware.
H+S is obliged to handle the data discrete and with care, and not showing them to third parties.
The customer has the right, to demand a deletion of his data. In this case, they will be deleted after the German statutory minimum period (order data: 6 years, booking: 10 years).