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Dear fellow visitor.


Are you facing computer problems?

Im most cases, companies "repair" computer, by formatting the hard disc, or replacing it with a new one.

A bad lost of data is the result.

All your projects, vacation videos and photos are gone forever.

But this might not happen.


The "Diskdoctor" helps!

Before starting the repair, you can wish to have your data saved and stored on a USB memory stick.

Even then, when your computer cannot recognize the hard disc anymore.

Furthermore we also work as software engineers.


You can find hints, information and a repair sheet on the various pages.


Do you have questions? Then write me an e-mail.


Your Thore Sittly


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Installation of computers

We install your favourite operating system on your home computer or laptop. If you didn't purchase an operating system yet, we can purchase your wanted operating system and install it. For a reinstallation you can order a file restore from the old system optionally. To the installation, a setup of a current virus scanner is included. If you don't own a computer, we can recommend PCs or laptops and purchase it for you.

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Did your computer or laptop become slow with the time, or you encounter phenomenons like hanging mouse arrow, crashes or bluescreens, or any other problem, we clean up your pc and analyze it for speed breaks. Here also the system will be cleaned from viruses and other malware. Also included is a driver update and installation of a current virus protection. If your computer has hardware problems, we analyze it and show you the problem. We then recommend you hardware updates or repair options, like memory or defective graphics board.

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Data restauration

If you want to give up your old PC or laptop, or your hard dich is no more readable, we can restore your data from your old computer. These data are then stored to a USB drive or on your personal external hard drive or new computer. Even if your hard disk is no more recognized by your computer, we often can salvage files. Also from SD or CompacFlash cards, data restore is possible.

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Buy new computer

If you decided to buy a new computer or laptop, we install your operating system. We also do a backup of your old device. If you want a recommendation, we will offer you some articles which matches your customer profile. If you already bought an operating system, we also can install this. If not, we can purchase one for you.

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If you want, we can visit you at home. Depending on work and effort, we can take your device to our working place for repair, or we can work on it at your home. If you live in Reutlingen, the approach is free. If not, the costs depends on the kilometers from Reutlingen. Before we visit you, you will be informed about the costs.

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Mobile phones

We examine your defect mobile phone and repair it. If it is not possible in special cases, we recommend another techician. If you have problems with your SD card, we also can do a data restauration of specific files. Also we can purchase and install new batteries and cables for your device.

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Image processing

We alter your images along your wishes. No matter if it's smooting skin, correcting red eyes, removing or replacing of elements, or to recolor your photos. For bigger tasks, we will work with a graphic studio after recommending you.

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Article Design

I design clothing, accessoires, mugs and other products with self created images. For some of the products, a part of the price per sale is used to help children with beating cancer. As product partner, spreadshirt is used.

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